jueves, 11 de septiembre de 2008

My honey, my dear

-hi honey so long time

-hi dear

-how ru

-fine, so fine

-kisses to u all over u darling

-kisses to you too dear

-luv u always

-kisses to you in your neck

-luv it

-I luv to kiss ur back side of ur ears and lick it gently down

-good, so nice

-luv to kiss ur neck and chest and run my tongue around ur chest. I luv playing with my tongue around ur navel

-that is delicious

-and gently bite ur nipple head softly, and run my tongue around ur nipples slowly making it wet, and suck the nipples hard and take the nipples deep into my mouth and gently squeeze the boobs and gently pinch nipples well and luv to go down to kiss the pussy lips slowly outside and slowly open the pussy lips with my two fingers and lick the pussy with my tongue I luv to lick the upper part of ur pussy

-please stop 'cause I'm so wet and getting hot dear

-jejejeje, luv to suck more ur pussy baby till u get wet luv to open the pussy lips and gently slid my finger in to play with ur cliit

-please stop

-ok honey I call you tomorrow as all days, think of me 'cause I'm thinking of you from the other side of the world

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